We deliver personalized service, good prices and professional drivers – all day ever day. We have many "ready-to-go" services and solutions, and we keep offering best services by constantly inventing new ones to meet everyone's needs. We also have a great fleet vehicles, which can handle everything from a small package up to 48 pallet spaces. Our drivers starts from Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg and Gothenburg, and our head office is located in Helsingborg

About us
Budcom was founded in 2002 and has, ever since, been expanding through healthy development and constant growth. We were named "gazelle company" by Dagens Industri 2010, 2011 and 2012, which is a good indicator that our thoughts, ideas and services are well received by the market and our customers. In 2012 we also received triple-AAA for the first time, as a proof of that Budcom is a prosperous and well-run company and supplier. Our goal is to continue to grow in accord with customers' requirements, both geographically and economically. We currently have around 35 vehicles in our fleet vehicles, which we operate around the clock, every day of the year, if desired.
We offer deliveries with starting points in southwestern Sweden. No matter the size of the goods or the distance to the receiver, we make sure that your goods reach their destination on time. Experienced staff and a range of vehicles provides you with safe, simple and convenient transportation. You can easily book us via our online booking or by giving us a call.

We offer a wide variety of services that works in most cases, and, if not, we can adjust or invent new ones in accord with customers' requirements . Our bid within urban areas are popular, whether it is a package or pallet and we offer fixed prices and time schedules. The characteristics of these commandments is that you can have your pick, get a high service and an economical benefit, when compared to competitor engines.

"Slingan" is a service that gives you benefits which our larger competitors can not match. pick up and drop off the same day, at very competitive prices, between Trelleborg and Falkenberg daily. Give us a heads up and more time, and in return you will get lower price.

"Direktbil" is the fastest option when time is your biggest enemy. Everything from the small parcel to 33 pallets. We also offer smaller storage facilities with related terminal services, and package sorting around the clock.

Do you have preferences in addition to what we described, let's hear about it, maybe we can help out anyway. We have well-developed relationships with freight forwarders who can handle most tasks that can occur. We can take care of occasional assignments and with larger requests, we will gladly mediate contact, if desired.

Contact us: +46 42-400 90 90